Adrianna Podolak, IB 2020 

Degree course: Medical genetics, Queen Mary University of London 

A unique place created by people with passion who pay their whole attention to students. 
A school with a family-like atmosphere which makes every day more enjoyable. 
A historical building that reminds of the difficulties Poles had to overcome. 
Traditions that have remained unchanged since 1919. 
Teachers who help students to discover their potential and develop their personality. 
Classmates who at the end are your best friends and biggest support. 
Overall, a school which shows how to prepare for the future and live your best possible life. 
That’s how I will always remember Nazareth. 

Karina Davydko, IB 2020 

Degree course: English Language and Culture, University of Groningen, The Netherlands 

The three years of studying in the Nazareth school brought me an unforgettable experience, which turned out to be crucial in my personal development. The extreme diligence, persistence and steadfast positivity are the most precious values from the many I have obtained from the teachers. I entered every classroom with certainty that I would be supported and inspired to express my opinion of any kind. Before coming to Nazareth, I was concerned about my unfamiliarity of the Polish language and traditions as a foreigner, but I quickly became assured that there was nothing to fear — because Nazareth is a place where everybody makes you grow.

Maggie Maliszewski, IB 2019

Exam result: 35

Degree Course: Data Science & Robotics and Computer Science, with a minor in Art History at Utrecht University

While my degree course is very different from what I studied in Nazareth, I am continuously surprised by how much the skills I have developed there help me on a regular basis. The Business Management course greatly improved my critical thinking and leadership skills. The Physics course helped me with analytical thinking and writing scientific papers. Work in the Student Council developed my group-working skills and CAS taught me to always remember about taking a break from academics and doing something for yourself and others. I am grateful for all of the support I have received from my teachers. They helped me combat my laziness and taught me that I am capable of more than I know. I have also made friends I could not imagine my life without and memories I hope to keep forever.

Maria Bilwin, IB 2017 

Degree course: law, the University of Bristol, the United Kingdom 

I am certain that I would not be where I am now without the support of my high school and my teachers who I met during my 3 years in Nazareth. Thanks to the school I broadened my horizons, saw how many possibilities I have, I also grew enormously as a person. Time spent in Nazareth was great, as I learnt how to make brave decisions, be open minded and stay curious about the world. In this school I had an amazing opportunity to develop my passion for the Polish language and history, increase my knowledge and work on my character.

Zofia Satkowska, IB 2016 

Degree courses:  

  1. Polish philology at the University of Warsaw 
  1. Modern languages (Studia filologiczno-kulturoznawcze) at the University of Warsaw 

I always think of the Nazareth school very warmly. Although the beginnings of high school were rather difficult for me, I found there everything that I needed. All of my teachers and my classmates helped me to tackle all the challenges connected with the IB. And last but not least, I was always sure of the quality of the education I was getting and the values conveyed in the Nazareth school.

Ewelina Truszkowska, IB 2016 

Degree course: medicine, Poznań University of Medical Sciences 

Places are created by people, and that is why Nazareth is so unique. So far, despite studying in different cities (and even countries) I keep in constant contact with my friends from school. I remember with great affection the teachers whom I consider the greatest asset of Nazareth and I would give them the title of Didactics of the Century. Thanks to their support and great preparation for the IB exams, I am studying for the degree of my dreams and I can do what I always wanted.

Zosia Ciechowska, May 2005 

Catholic girls schools are usually associated with boot camps for troublemakers. Due to this, they have acquired a rather pejorative meaning. Nazareth High School in Warsaw is the absolute opposite of a reformatory and cannot be classified as a school for social misfits. 

When I first came here, I was used to being in a mixed class and being taught by male and female teachers. Suddenly I found myself in the deep end of the pool with a brand new uniform, a class full of girls and nuns teaching me. All these changes made me feel like Robinson Crusoe on a desolate island. Thank goodness, my first impression was false and the feeling of isolation and bewilderment was only temporary.

To my surprise, my class welcomed me warmly and made every effort to make me feel at home. Each student is a valued individual with unique gifts and passions. Students with exceptional and unique gifts are provided with challenges and resources to enhance these talents. My form tutor, Sister Józefina helped me with everything and made sure I knew where to go and she told me how the school functions. Normally, I’d probably be pushed aside and forgotten.

At first it was hard to get used to all the quirky oddities of a Catholic school. Morning prayers and Holy Mass on the first Friday of the month are some of the traditions of Nazareth High School. With time, these small traditions have become a comfort to me.

The school has a high standard of teaching and teaches discipline, responsibility and systematic work. The facilities here are wonderful and it’s a privilege to have such well equipped classrooms. A safe and aesthetically pleasing environment promotes the learning process. The library and computer labs provide many resources and we can use them after school if we like. This school is all about learning!

My teachers are very pleasant but they also demand punctuality and diligence. Challenging expectations inspire the individual student to achieve high personal and academic goals. Even though this may sound rather strict, the lessons here are lively and sometimes even funny. If we don’t understand something we can always come back after the lesson and ask the teacher for help. My classmates are always willing to help too. We learn more effectively when all the members of the school community cooperate to provide appropriate support, challenge and motivation. We have learnt that with God and perseverance we can overcome all obstacles.

When you enter Nazareth High School you experience a calming effect. The whole atmosphere is peaceful, friendly and really puts your brain in learning mode. In the many schools I have been to in Poland and abroad only this one has a unique sense of tranquility and fraternity.

Uniforms. When you don’t have one you think it’s the end of the world if you need to wear one. Once you have one, you completely forget about it and it becomes something like brushing your teeth in the morning. Plus, you don’t have to worry about what to wear. It’s just another thing that makes you focus on more important things than nail polish and skirts.

The school also organises various trips to museums, theatres or cinemas. I went to Rome in April with a group from school to pay our last respects to Pope John Paul II. As our school is in Poland, the late Pope’s homeland, we have come closer together than ever before. He will always have a place in our hearts.

I experience a great feeling of pride and happiness when we all gather at school assemblies and Masses, wearing our special uniforms. I think about the past generations of girls that did the same things we do today. We are part of something special, the traditions bonding the generation of our grandmothers with ours is immense.

I believe that our self-esteem is enhanced when mutual respect, trust and support exist within the school community. Teaching and learning take place in an environment rich in Gospel values. The school community works together to create an environment that reflects Christian values.

But the fruit of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Against such there is no law.

Galatians 5:22,23